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Where others saw risk they saw the opportunity to capitalize on one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.Fleurasion was founded in 2015. This group won The Adam’s County Lottery for a grow facility and has continued to develop a successful business model for cultivation in a highly demanding and competitive Colorado industry. Innovating their harvested flower through product branding and creative thinking helps this cannabis grow stand out from the rest.

Our Garden Story

Named after the botanical term for producing flowers, Fleuraison represents the best in organically grown cannabis.

When the stars aligned, duo James Browning and Barbara Browning, found the signs impossible to ignore. A lot of soul searching and a leap of faith later, Fleuraison, a quickly budding boutique brand was born. The adventure began in January of 2015 with the Adams County Lottery. With only ten licenses up for grabs, lifelong friends James, and Barbara, decided to test the odds. The partners now held one of three coveted cultivation licenses issued in Adams County, rapidly setting their transition into a new, exciting venture into motion.

With a narrow six month window to locate space, receive a building permit, and develop plans, the partners previous professional backgrounds proved essential to ensuring the opportunity would move forward. With over 50 years of commercial and residential real estate experience combined, the trio are well versed in working within highly regulated industries. James’ extensive knowledge navigating municipal requirements and demands, Barbara’s managerial expertise, all proved crucial to the development of a company focused on professionalism and compliance.

Fleuraison, a French botanical term meaning flowering, blooming, and blossoming, is a nod to Barbara’s beginnings, referring to her mother’s floral business. Apropos to the burgeoning cannabis industry, Fleuraison’s name directly reflects growth and health, and the opportunity to bring something positive to the industry. The partners vision to contribute to the industry’s transition into legality and legitimacy, is driven by their goal to create a fully-compliant, high-quality operation. Valuing quality over quantity, Fleuraison’s 4,000 sq. foot facility specializes in boutique cannabis strains. Fleuraison’s garden – natural, consistent, craft-quality cannabis – is the result of a strange twist of a events, and the beginning of something magical! Keep an eye out for the Fleuraison Fatty, a handcrafted, unique new product about to hit top-shelves of a store near you!

Boutique Growers

Fleuraison holds one of three coveted licenses issued in Adams County, with no future licenses anticipated.

Fleuraison will provide consistent, high-quality natural cannabis to discerning retail dispensaries.

Purely natural operations require the highly skilled use of precise controls and formulations, a distinctive capability that will set Fleuraison apart from its competition. Fleuraison’s exclusively natural cultivation methods will result in products with remarkable taste, aroma, and potency and will set it apart from the large mass produced cultivators offering average, low priced product.

The Company’s name encapsulates the quality of its products, the Company itself, and the market it operates in. Fleuraison is a botanical term that refers to flowering, blooming, and blossoming. The name directly reflects growth and health; it implies opportunity and optimism.
Fleuraison intends to be part of the cannabis industry’s transition into the light of legality and legitimacy, along with all of the product diversity, consistency, and quality that this transition will entail.

All of Fleuraison’s products will be soil grown, using natural nutrients to ensure they have the richness that retailers expect and the quality that consumers demand. Fleuraison intends to cultivate its reputation as a boutique brand that consistently delivers craft-quality cannabis.

Fleuraison’s core strategy is based on the highest quality product and excellent customer service to retail dispensaries. The Company’s brand communicates its core values of natural boutique quality and frequent production, differentiating itself from mass cultivation growers.

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